The end of the year is approaching, and everyone is preparing to welcome the New 2023 Year. Mark, Talexio’s Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder will share with us how Talexio has become an ever-evolving product for optimising HR and will go into some of the projects the Talexio team has achieved this year.

Good day Mark. Before jumping into the year round up, can you share the story of Talexio with us? Where did it all start?

Talexio started as an Applicant Tracking System, i.e. software that allows you to manage your recruitment process. The recruitment product has grown with us, but on our journey, we discovered a gap in the market – a complete software for HR, covering the entire employee lifecycle – from discovering and getting to know a company through recruitment, onboarding, training, time and attendance, performance evaluation, payroll and even exit surveys. Talexio brings all of this together, making it more than just a system. By centralising and simplifying all of this information, Talexio provides a unique level of insight.

How many members currently make up the team?

Talexio is part of Expedition42, boasting a team of over 85 people. We have many teams, the product team, a fantastic support team, an operations team and a commercial team. We even have a team that focuses entirely on customer and user feedback.

Is there a “key principle” that helped guide the company through the ups and downs of 2022?

At Expedition42, we are very value driven. REALLY value-driven, not just for fluff or show. We believe in our mission and will go to great lengths to achieve it. We are what we say we are; authentic, courageous, impactful and curious. We are determined to do great things that have a tangible positive impact on our clients, and candidates drive us.

If you could describe 2022 in one word, what would it be? And how has 2022 treated you and your team?
We had many moving pieces – a huge influx of clients, a growing team, and a reorganisation of our internal structures to better support this growth. So besides our many release notes and regular product updates, we had a lot going on internally to launch us into 2023. Through this all, we have consolidated and positioned ourselves to be able to do great things.
What were the main achievements of Talexio in 2022?

Our main achievements were:
– System speed and performance
– One-click migrations
– Performance management module
– Time and attendance
– Reporting – reporting database, custom reports and scheduling of reports
– UX process and customisation policy

What challenges do you face, and what sustains your team’s drive?

I would say we face a few of them:
– Challenge of continually improving out user experience.
– Challenge of huge growth in our user base.
– Challenge of balancing the requests for customisations with our product roadmap. 

We overcame these challenges because our approach was systematic, composed, and solutions-oriented. Moreover, we always use technology to our advantage.

Talexio team

Tell us now more about your plans for 2023. What should your loyal and potential customers expect?

We have a lot of plans for the next year. First and foremost, during this year, we will be launching our new Applicant Tracking System – which is a complete relaunch of our Recruitment toolset. We will also start reaping the benefits of the work of our Insights team, which was founded in 2022.

In 2023 you can expect Talexio to start giving you actionable insights on top of the existing insights dashboard. All of this will be included in our current licensing model, which is the approach we already take with things like access to our APIs. Expect upgrades on all the existing modules, as we have worked closely with our clients to provide additional facilities across the board.

Great news. Thank you for sharing. How do you see the company evolving over the next five years?

Our goal is to grow without losing our obsession with our users. Moreover, over the next five years, I see us growing in several markets but never straying from our core mission, which is to provide an all-in-one solution for individual and organisational well-being improvement. 

Thank you for sharing Talexio’s insights.  


About Mark Camilleri Gambin


  • Studied at Mcast, acquired academic background and practical hands-on experience.
    • BSc in Software Engineering.
    • MSc in Advanced Computer Science.
  • Started as a front-end developer,  Joined Konnekt as a software engineer and founded a software company.
  • Worked very closely with recruiters and HR people.
  • Worked as an intranet team lead in the UK with a global car rental leader.
  • Retains his passion for user experience and front-ends.
  • Led the software company’s transition into the product company that is Talexio and assisted in ventures’ merge into Expedition42.