Revolutionise Your Hiring Process with Talexio’s Next-Generation Recruitment Solution

Talexio is proud to announce the launch of its third-generation recruitment platform, designed to help organisations efficiently manage, track, and control their vacancies and candidate progression. Talexio's innovative solution addresses the challenges of the hiring process, making it more organised and efficient, saving valuable time and resources for organisations of all sizes. Transforming Recruitment [...]

From Data to Dialogue: Leveraging Engagement Survey Results

Engagement surveys are meant to gather employee feedback and sentiment and make employees feel heard and understood. These surveys come in various forms, including annual in-depth surveys and more frequent, shorter pulse surveys. So, why do many employees still feel disengaged and unheard despite organisations conducting these surveys year after year? Gallup’s latest estimates [...]

By |June 24, 2024|News|

When to Listen: Timing Your Annual Engagement Survey

We are often asked, "When is the right time to run an annual engagement survey?" This recurring question, surprisingly, does not always receive the thoughtful consideration it deserves. Annual engagement surveys stir debate, as critics doubt their capacity to accurately reflect real-time employee sentiment and argue they may not effectively enhance organisational culture and [...]

By |March 26, 2024|News|

Transitioning from Excel to a Dedicated Payroll & HR System

Many businesses, particularly small to medium-sized enterprises, still rely on Microsoft Excel for their payroll processing. While Excel is a versatile tool, it falls short in handling the complexities and compliance requirements of modern payroll management. It also exposes the organisation to compliance risks that can be easily mitigated by implementing a proper system. This article [...]

By |February 21, 2024|News|

Talexio achieves ISO 27001 Certification: A commitment to data security excellence

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Talexio - achieving ISO 27001 certification - a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding clients' sensitive data and protecting it against digital risks and breaches. This certification is a vital step towards ensuring that our HR, Team Engagement and Payroll software solutions meet the highest [...]

By |October 25, 2023|News|

Talexio 2022 Year Round Up Interview, with Mark Camilleri Gambin The end of the year is approaching, and everyone is preparing to welcome the New 2023 Year. Mark, Talexio's Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder will share with us how Talexio has become an ever-evolving product for optimising HR and will go into some of the projects the Talexio team has achieved this [...]

By |December 21, 2022|News|

Talexio’s HR Software Regular Product Updates

Analysing the "customer journey" and trying to figure out what can be improved is an essential part of a product lifecycle. At Talexio, we keep our finger on the pulse and successfully release new product features every 3 weeks. We believe our regular product updates allow us to continually add [...]

By |June 30, 2022|News|

Talexio named Best Cloud-Based Solution as a Service (SaaS)

Talexio, the employee-centric, all-inclusive HR platform for human resources, recruitment and payroll professionals, received the Best Cloud-Based Solution as a Service Award (SaaS) in the 2021 eBusiness Awards. The eBusiness Awards is an awards ceremony organised by, promoting and rewarding Malta's Best Tech Companies and Solutions. At Talexio we are dedicated to improving organisational [...]

By |November 18, 2021|News|
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