Training and Development are critical for progress. It gives employees the ability to strengthen skills and competencies that they might need to improve or work on, to further develop the workplace.

With Talexio’s clean and easy-to-understand user interface, you can create and manage your courses all in one place. Schedule training sessions for individuals or groups and keep track of all classes and sessions effortlessly.

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Training Management Talexio Dashboard

Know which gaps you need to fill

Talexio’s Training Management module assists in supplying your employees with the courses they need when they need them.

Generate competency and skill gap analysis reports to determine which employees could use a helping hand to fill in specific learning gaps, improving their work performance. Best of all, you can also generate training cost reports by cost centre or department, to evaluate and optimise your spending.

Training Management Talexio Dashboard

Streamline all your processes

With Talexio, you can collect all your training necessities in one location. Instructors (even external ones) can view all their scheduled courses, take attendance and submit participation sheets on Talexio. Training documents can also be uploaded and attached to specific courses, so nothing is ever lost or misplaced.

As if that’s not enough, you can also automate training invitations and reminders which will automatically integrate with your Talexio calendar.

An exceptional product that keeps getting better

At Talexio, we will continue to roll out new features and product improvements every couple of weeks. We welcome any feedback and are always open to new ideas on how we can continue to further develop our platform to continue to support you.

Training Management Talexio Dashboard

Enhance your Training Management

And let your employees grow with your company.