Get organised with Talexio Scheduler

Scheduling shifts for a whole team or multiple teams is a job within itself. You have to take everyone’s availability into consideration, create manual rotas, make sure that every shift is covered, and approve of any last-minute changes.

With Talexio’s job scheduling module, you can effortlessly generate shifts with specific patterns, rules and schedules, and then publish these shifts to your teams.

If any changes have to be made, you can easily manage them directly from the Talexio scheduler.


Export and print

Administrators can effortlessly publish the planned weekly schedule or export it into an Excel for printing at their convenience.

Save time with Talexio Scheduler

With Talexio, you can save valuable time and money by letting your employees view their weekly schedule directly from Talexio, instead of wasting time printing it or sending manual emails.

Your employees can even request shift swaps through Talexio. Instead of sending you multiple messages and emails for approval, a Manager can simply approve or decline their request in seconds.

Know where your money is going

Administrators can keep track of the daily, weekly or monthly costs, by individual, department or as a whole company.

Are you ready to enhance your time & attendance processes?

Streamline your workflow with Talexio.


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