Team Voice

When we listen to our employees, we open the door to new ideas, foster loyalty and promote a culture of inclusivity and innovation.

Team Voice is a comprehensive, structured survey designed to objectively engage and measure the views of all team members.

Why should you care? 

The insights gathered through Team Voice are valuable for understanding the overall sentiment and satisfaction of your workforce, as well as identifying any potential issues at the departmental level.

How is that helpful?

  • Drives organisational transformation for sustainable growth
  • Improves employee satisfaction and retention rates
  • Encourages transparency and open communication
  • Allows you to follow your year-on-year performance 
  • Provides a benchmark against other local companies

Survey structure

Employees are prompted to submit their views on 73 Key-statements across 9 domains:

  • Communication & Team Cohesiveness
  • Corporate Culture
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Mental health
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Performance Orientation
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Training & Development
  • Employee Engagement


Employee Satisfaction
Overview of your teams’ satisfaction, engagement and eNPS rates

In-depth results by department
Pinpoints strong and problematic areas

Year-on-year reporting
Allows you to monitor organisational development over time

Company benchmarking
Compares your results against all participating companies, the industry average and companies of the same size


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