Analysing the “customer journey” and trying to figure out what can be improved is an essential part of a product lifecycle. At Talexio, we keep our finger on the pulse and successfully release new product features every 3 weeks. We believe our regular product updates allow us to continually add value to all our users. In this article, I would like to describe how we work, what challenges we face and how we manage them.

Talexio Brand Update

Talexio is a part of the Expedition42 group. Over the course of this past year, we have doubled our team size to 86 people. 86 professionals with a grand vision for our products and services. Our Product team includes software engineers, user experience experts, quality assurance testers and project managers. Besides that, we also have a very strong Support team and a growing Insights team. If you want to become a part of our ambitious family, check out the list of available vacancies.

As a result, to ensure we complete our short- and long-term goals effectively, we split the product team’s work into 2-week chunks called ‘Sprints’. At the end of each sprint, we have a whole additional week dedicated entirely to quality assurance and testing. So it brings us to a 3-week cycle.

What Does It Enable Us to Do?

A stable routine with a rhythm of improvements allows us to:

  • Iteratively simplify every process in the system.
  • Innovate and add new functionality regularly.
  • Continually add value to our users.
  • Provide new insights to our clients.
  • Ameliorate everyday life hassles.
  • Split large projects into small chunks and gauge feedback from our clients while building new modules.

Talexio Product Updates


Product Update’s Roadmap

Our dynamic roadmap is an actionable plan that aligns the team around short and long-term goals and ways to achieve them. We refresh our roadmap every quarter. The plan comprises 3 phases; Now, Next, and Later. Each stage consists of 3 months worth of projects. Here are some of our projects in the current ‘Now’ phase (June, July, and August 2022):

  1. Self-service careers website creation.
  2. Adding ‘Online Training’ facilities to our Training Module.
  3. Introduce support for ‘Hot Desking’ into our Time and Attendance module.
  4. Enhanced permissions setup.
  5. Updated leave booking user experience.
  6. The initial launch of our new and improved Applicant Tracking System.


Constraints of Regular Product Updates

As a product owner, I know that making changes to software can present several challenges. However, we overcome these thanks to a strong team that has the ability to maintain a fast rhythm to our updates. We have eliminated all bottlenecks in this process.

We also have a dedicated process called the ‘hotfix lifecycle’ to guarantee that any bug fixes take priority for development, testing and deployment. As Michael Bolton, author of “Rapid Software Testing”, said: “The problem is not that testing is the bottleneck. The problem is that you don’t know what’s in the bottle. That’s a problem that testing addresses”. In Talexio, we proactively detect potential issues and address any such problems directly and efficiently.

At the same time, we would never compromise quality over a deadline. We understand that clients who receive competent, professional, and attention-to-detail service are more likely to remember the product and tell their friends about it. In addition, research shows that customers cite rude, fussy and incompetent service as their #1 reason not to use a particular enterprise again. That is why the quality of the product and service is our priority.

What Are We Most Cautious About?

As a result, there are three things we are quite religious about when updating the product.

  • Simplicity. We will never allow our product to become overly complicated to use. Talexio is about the experience. Talexio is about helping clients to achieve a goal in an easier, faster, and better way.
  • Well-being. We were, we are, and we will remain very focused on our mission to improve organisational well-being. Every day our team strives to add only those features that bring us closer to fulfilling this mission.
  • Security and Quality. Our releases consist primarily of quality-of-life improvements to existing modules and sections. Maintaining the product’s quality takes precedence over all other enhancements. For that, we have established metrics in place to measure quality, speed and stability. You can start a free trial to access the product yourself.


Our Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we believe this approach gives us a distinct advantage over other products. We also hope this article provided you with a good insight into how we work and the values we cherish. Ready to boost your project? Find out why Talexio’s cloud-based solution might exceed your expectations. To learn more about the advantages of our HR software, please check out this video.


FAQ on Talexio HR Software Regular Product Updates

  1. What is a product update?

    Software like Talexio exists on the cloud and is available whenever you access the app on your phone or the link in your web browser. When we release a product update, we would have to improve that product so that the next time you access it, you automatically find it available. An update can range from a small change to a button, an additional feature or even an entirely new module.

  2. Why is product improvement important?

    There is always something that can be made more efficient, easier to use or re-invented. Therefore, through innovation, we can ensure that Talexio never stops adding value to your organisation.

  3. How do you announce new features to users?

    Our release cycle guarantees constant improvement every 3 weeks. Our users expect us to deliver a ‘What’s New’ notification, and we rarely miss a beat. New features are announced to admin users through this notification – this information is coupled with one or many articles on our release notes support page.