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What can Talexio do for you?

Talexio is a complete HR suite for human resources, recruitment and payroll professionals looking to work more efficiently.

Our flexible and cloud-based solution gives organisations full control over their HR processes. Through automation and easy-to-use wizards, Talexio saves you time and lowers the cost of your internal processes.

Talexio is a scalable solution that caters for businesses of any size within any industry; so you can worry less as your business grows.​

The all-in-one HR Software

Talexio is an all-in-one HR management solution that lets you manage your business from anywhere, no matter the size or location! Our software is designed to save you precious time and help you cut costs with its easy-to-use interface.
We understand how stressful payroll can be, especially when you have to double, and triple check your calculations to make sure that everything is in order. With Talexio you no longer have to worry about inaccurate and slow payroll calculations. Learn more.

Leave requests are automatically directed to the person in charge, accompanied by email notifications. Talexio’s approval system allows for streamlined leave management, as well as, for keeping track of leave balances for the whole company. Learn more.

Storing and tracking employee records is a  challenging aspect of being a human resources professional. Talexio makes managing employee information simple and easy. Get rid of all that scattered paperwork and start storing your employee data in a secure database. Learn more.

Talexio’s reporting tools make it easy to generate several reports and statistical insights in just a couple of seconds. These reports include sick leave records, turnover rates and terminations, attendance and overtime logs, and salary reports and analysis. Learn more.

Welcoming a new hire should be fun and exciting! But, the mandatory and tedious onboarding paperwork leaves you no time for the fun stuff. With Talexio you can automate all your onboarding processes giving you more time to welcome your new employee properly. Learn more.

Talexio’s time-tracking software makes time clocking a pleasant experience for both employees and managers. Talexio lets you grant employees online access to punch in or out from anywhere—even through their mobile phone. Learn more.

Talexio’s flexible applicant tracking system (ATS) gives recruitment specialists and HR a competitive advantage. Our automation and standardisation tools will help you streamline your recruitment lifecycle so you can focus on what matters most—finding the right candidates. Learn more.

Talexio gives you the choice to let your employees edit and update their personal information and contact details, which you can then approve from your end. Give your employees access to view their leave balances and request time off. Learn more.

Some of Our Clients

…and why they love us!

From the very first contact we had with Talexio to date, we have been positively impressed by their efficiency and dedication. The software itself is flexible, very user-friendly and a pleasure to use, so we can only recommend Talexio as a great HR tool!

- HR Administrator, GasanMamo Insurance

Easy and user friendly system, quick and responsive customer service. Highly recommended!

Agata Nowak - HR Manager, PlayMagic Ltd

Just recently started using Talexio for our payroll requirements. Company set-up and onboarding was very simple and user-friendly.

Gareth Sciberras - CFO/Partner, BRND WGN Co Ltd

Talexio is much better than the previous software we used, and support is amazing!

Jason Pisani - Director, Protection Services Malta

Efficient, straight forward and user-friendly system for all members of staff. Great for a small organisation of our size whilst scaleable for future growth.

Ramon Bondin - CEO, Dolfin Asset Services Ltd.

Talexio offers multiple HR solutions without any hassle. We were up and running with the Leave Management module in less than eight hours! And everyone in our department started using it without any difficulties. We are looking forward to proceeding to our next challenge—to start using the Time Management solution.

Lino Azzopardi - Head of Administration & Finance, St Paul's Missionary College

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