Time Clocking and Geofencing

Forget about punch cards and handwritten timesheets

Manually tracking time for employees is a nightmare, to say the least. Your payroll team has to go through endless time tracking submissions, then input all the data in spreadsheets, while simultaneously making sure that there are no discrepancies and deal with any exceptions.

Talexio’s attendance management software makes time clocking a pleasant experience for both employees and managers. Talexio lets you grant employees online access to punch in or out from anywhereeven through their mobile phone.

Stay secure

Geo-Fencing logs the coordinates of the clockings, for additional location accuracy and security. Time-sheets are also updated with the location source of entry, to further facilitate reporting.

Earn your employee’s trust

Research suggests that transparency in the workplace is the number-one factor in employee happiness. 

With Talexio, you can give your employees access to review their timesheets. Employees and employers will also be able to file dispute conversations if need be. Any changes made will be logged in the system.

Employee reminders

Notifications can be sent out to employees to keep them updated with any missed clockings and with any disputes that may arise.

Are you ready to enhance your time & attendance processes?

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