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Talexio is a Human Capital Management Software that lets you manage your business from anywhere, no matter the size or location! Our HR software is designed to save you precious time and help you cut costs with its easy-to-use interface.

People and Insights

We know how big of a hassle it can be to collect and analyse employee data for your organisation. With Talexio’s employee database software module, you can easily access all your employee information from anywhere.

Talexio provides top-level statistical insights, such as sick and salary reports and analysis, employee turnover rates, demographics and much more. Each module has its own in-built filtering, visibility controls and export facilities; managing your organisation’s data has never been so simple.

Hiring and Recruitment

Finding the right candidate is hard enough on its own, especially if you don’t have a structured system to keep track of all your applications. Talexio’s recruitment software module will assist you through every stage of your hiring process and will seamlessly integrate with your onboarding process. Talexio helps you find the right people, quickly and efficiently.

Onboarding, Checklists and Workflows

A bad onboarding process is a terrible way to start your employment. Talexio’s onboarding software module gives you the right tools to welcome your new hires with confidence. Create reusable onboarding checklists, easily delegate tasks and let your new employees find out who does what in the organisation.

Time and Attendance

Creating rosters and tracking employee hours manually is not only a waste of time, but can also lead to payroll discrepancies and complications.

With Talexio, you can generate schedules with customisable shifts, have employees request any swaps or overtime requests, and use our punch clock software to punch in and out online, with our geo-fencing location feature. This will guarantee accuracy in your payroll calculations, as any exceptions are automatically added.

With our clocking devices, your time sheets will be immediately available; saving you the hassle of importing time logs from third-party systems and delegating the review process to the respective managers—get everything done without having to leave Talexio.


Paying your employees on time and accurately is a hassle when you are using unreliable methods to track your employees’ hours, leave requests or adjustments.

Increase your team’s accuracy when handling variables, such as job scheduling, adjustments, taxable fringe benefits and more. Talexio’s is the right tool for any organisation—saving you valuable time and money. 

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