We know that you’re not just storing basic employee information, but also managing sensitive employee data.

Our software will guarantee you peace of mind as you can custom various types of retention periods and allocate these to different stored data and document categories. Our GDPR custom settings help keep your mind at rest whilst also automating your unnecessary data clean up process.

Your data is crucial, and we take all the necessary precautions to keep your information secure

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Store all your essential documents in one place

Time to clean out the filing cabinets and start storing all your employee records securely in Talexio’s Document Management System. 

Upload, generate templates, store important documents and forms, download and organise employee documents with Talexio. Your employees can even have access to various documents from their own profile, such as FS3s, payslips and contracts. 

The GDPR retention period settings also apply to document categories which are shared with specific employees. So, you no longer have to worry about unnecessary data when terminating an employee.

Save time with automatically generated contracts and digital signatures

Go paperless and start generating employment contracts or personalised and custom documents at the click of a button. Talexio lets you auto-populate template-based documents with employee data.  

Chasing after your employees for signatures is a thing of the past. Employees can now sign documents electronically, even from their mobile phone—with Talexio’s DocuSign account integration! 

Keep your data secure and rest easy with Talexio.

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