Talexio is proud to announce the launch of its third-generation recruitment platform, designed to help organisations efficiently manage, track, and control their vacancies and candidate progression. Talexio’s innovative solution addresses the challenges of the hiring process, making it more organised and efficient, saving valuable time and resources for organisations of all sizes.

Transforming Recruitment with AI Technology

Talexio’s platform leverages advanced AI technology to streamline crucial stages of the recruitment process. Employers can instantly generate comprehensive job descriptions by simply providing the position title. Region-specific filters and shortlisting questions further refine the applicant pool, capturing top candidates from the outset.

Empowering Organisations with Customisation and Automation

Every organisation can now create a branded Careers site in minutes, showcasing open positions and publishing them on various platforms, including job boards, company social media pages and personal profiles. The platform also automatically builds and maintains a candidate database from received applications, creating a robust talent pool.

Optimised Candidate Matching and Communication

Talexio’s automatic matching feature ensures the right candidates are aligned to the right vacancies based on specific job requirements. Customisable email templates streamline communication with applicants, keeping them informed at every stage of the recruitment journey.

Comprehensive Overview and Efficient Management

Employers can quickly access an overview of the number of open positions and applications per vacancy. The platform’s user-friendly Kanban allows for one-click management of candidate and vacancy statuses, providing a smooth recruitment experience.

Seamless Transition to Onboarding

Once the best candidate is hired, Talexio ensures a smooth transition from candidate to employee, thanks to its fully integrated HR Module. This enhances the onboarding experience and sets the stage for the long-term success of the company and candidate.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Launched in 2009 for Konnekt, one of Malta’s leading recruitment agencies, Talexio’s Applicant Tracking System has been their trusted solution for 15 years. Designed with an HR-first approach and a commitment to continuous improvement, this third-generation system is user-friendly and cost-effective, making it the perfect choice for organisations aiming to simplify their recruitment processes and secure top talent.