Talexio Contracting Philosophy

We are proud of our all-in-one HR-First software platform and are grateful for the thousands of customers who trust us and use our services. 

We understand that contracting is a critical part of the process, and we want to ensure that it is as comprehensive as possible to protect the integrity of our client data while ensuring our ability to provide our continued services. For this, our lawyers built a fair and balanced terms of service agreement that all of our clients are required to accept. 

We understand that you may be used to the typical B2B agreement cycle, where you pass several red lines back and forth with your vendor until you mutually agree. At volume, this process is not sustainable, as we need to ensure a uniform approach where one individual agreement with a distinct client does not limit our ability to provide our services to another client effectively. For this, we have chosen an approach that, while different, brings continued clarity to our mutual obligations without compromising the efficiency and effectiveness of our service and contracting process, keeping things as straightforward as possible.

For you, this means that we don’t negotiate or accept red lines to our terms of service. All of our clients must accept the standard terms to use our services. This allows us to focus our time, effort and resources on making and supporting a great product and on maintaining a favourable cost-to-value ratio for our services instead of routing time and effort towards negotiating and managing unique contractual obligations and the costs associated with such a contracting model.

We realise that our approach may not be for everyone, however, if you review our detailed terms of service, you will see that we’ve created terms that are fair, balanced and in line with market standards. 

Of course, should there be any queries, our team will help and support you accordingly. Thank you again for choosing Talexio. We know that our services can empower your HR team to build better workplaces with technology and insights that attract, engage and retain talent.

We look forward to serving you.