Talexio, the employee-centric, all-inclusive HR platform for human resources, recruitment and payroll professionals, received the Best Cloud-Based Solution as a Service Award (SaaS) in the 2021 eBusiness Awards.

The eBusiness Awards is an awards ceremony organised by Tech.mt, promoting and rewarding Malta’s Best Tech Companies and Solutions.

At Talexio we are dedicated to improving organisational and individual employee well-being. Our flexible and cloud-based solution gives organisations complete control over their HR processes. Through automation and easy-to-use wizards, Talexio saves time and lowers the cost of internal processes.  

“At Talexio, we have always believed in creating the best possible product and giving our customers the stellar service they deserve.’ said Mark Camilleri Gambin, Talexio’s Founder and Director. ‘I am very grateful to our users for supporting us in this journey, one which we are thrilled to continue. We have exciting plans moving forward. Product enhancements that will further help organisations improve their well-being are already in the pipeline. This award has been a great recognition of our hard work, and we are now even more motivated than ever to continue delivering on our mission.”