Beppe Licari joined Preeo Software, the software house that developed Talexio, at the beginning of 2020 as a Business Development Manager. Beppe has years of experience in sales and business consultancy, in Malta and overseas, relating to System Management Solutions in various industries. Such industries include hospitality, real estate, automotive (dealer management systems), payroll and HR management.

We asked Beppe about his experience with Talexio so far and his goals for the product.

What has working with Preeo been like so far?
It has been a great experience so far. Everyone in the team welcomed me with open arms, and I was overwhelmed by the support that they all gave me. I find myself eager and motivated to go to work every day. Working with such a united team has reduced my stress, and it makes me feel motivated and determined to overcome any challenges which may arise during the workday.

How did you find out about Talexio?
Initially, I got in contact with Konnekt Recruitment to assist me in my job search. They were outstandingly professional and gave me constant feedback throughout. Through Konnekt, I was then introduced to Preeo Software, who locally developed and manages Talexio. When I first met the Preeo team, I instantly felt that this was the right decision for me. One could not help but notice the synergy between the team members. They are a group of talented individuals who not only possess the right mindset to achieve set goals but are also determined to provide the best products and services to their clients.

What is your favourite Preeo product?
Without a doubt, my favourite Preeo product is the Talexio Suite; the complete Payroll and HR software suite that every organisation can benefit from. Talexio is an innovative solution to the local and foreign market as it reduces the everyday burden that many industries face. Workflows and assistance wizards have never been this easy to understand and use.

The suite consists of seamlessly automated and integrated modules, and since it is a cloud-based solution, it functions through secure Amazon Web Services (AWS), and any user can access it from anywhere at any time—even from a mobile device.

What do you like most about Talexio?
It is a great software for people management as it offers a holistic solution. With its affordable and cost-effective pricing, I am very confident in promoting this product.

Furthermore, I love the fact that, as a team, we can get client feedback and customised requests to further develop Talexio according to our clients’ needs. Such improvements and updates are what help us successfully achieve and maintain a top-notch product.

What do you enjoy most about working with Talexio?
I personally love the overwhelming amount of positive feedback that we continuously receive from our clients. Reaching out to people who can benefit from Talexio, and onboarding them is also a great achievement for me. Talexio provides me with the necessary confidence to fit in my role and to ultimately achieve my goals.

What are your goals for Talexio?
My aim is undoubtedly to take Talexio to the top spot within the local market and expand further into foreign markets. I am looking forward to using my vast experience and knowledge to achieve exponential growth for Talexio.

How would you describe Talexio in one sentence?
The Talexio Suite is unquestionably the next-generation software solution—it is an innovative, affordable and easy-to-use system, which can benefit countless employers in all industries.

If you are interested in Talexio or want to know more, reach out to Beppe on +356 99442511 or