Hire great talent, with a great ATS.

Grow your business with a top-class ATS. From setting up a job landing page in order to display your vacancies on your website, to reviewing your recruitment team’s performance, Talexio offers a customisable solution for agencies and direct employers.

Getting Started

Getting started with Talexio

Your smart, recruitment solution. At Talexio, we work with you to get you started on the right path by customising your ATS to match your recruitment process. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation. Our team will provide you with full support when integrating your current system into Talexio.

We have done away with trial accounts. This has enabled us to offer you a personalised experience when getting started. Get in touch with our support team to get started!

Setup software and users

The advantages of our boutique ATS are many. One of which is that your users simply log on and get started with recruitment. We take care of all the setting up.


Import all current data into the system

We’ve found that the prime objection to a new ATS is the transition. More specifically, data migration. Our system is built with bulk migration in mind.

Branded jobs website

Your users have been onboarded, your data imported. It’s time to get your vacancies online! We offer vacancy pages, as well as plug ’n’ play widgets.

We look forward to having you onboard!

See for yourself, how Talexio is changing recruitment. Find out now.

Getting applicants on system

Fill your candidate pipeline with utmost efficiency. Talexio is set up to offer a guided procedure, mixed with a broad spectrum of tools that will allow you to source candidates from your current list of candidates, as well as external platforms.

Create your job description using our simple to use step-by-step job creation forms.

Post your vacancies to your jobs page, local job boards and social networks.

Search your database of candidates to start sourcing candidates immediately.

Managing your applicants

You’ve got a database of applicants, each with a profile and actions that need to be taken. We offer a pipeline management system that will move each potential employee through a seamless automated process, customised to your recruitment process.

Each recruiter in your team gets an account that allows for collaborative team hiring.

Speed up the process with automated emails, shared profiles and bulk actions.

Seamlessly set interviews, send out invites, select your recruiter, and leave feedback.

Manage & measure performance

Data analysis allows your recruitment process to go beyond making a placement. It’s important to manage your recruitment team by tracking performance in real time, and allow for reporting to Management on how HR is helping the bottom line.

Extract customisable performance management reports any time you want.

Browse through endless reports, including time-to-hire and candidate source reports.

Save time by extracting reports in excel formats for any of your needs.


All of the above, and so much more!

Automated System

Save time with automation

Automation is a core feature of Talexio, allowing you to focus on essential tasks that require your full attention. Automate interview invites, bulk emails and reporting.

Recruite on the go

Recruit on-the-go

Get work done on the move. Our ATS is fully mobile and tablet responsive, allowing you to update candidate statuses and check out profiles and vacancies while out of the office.

Secure Platform

A secure platform

Security and confidentiality is key in recruitment, protecting your own data as well as that of your candidates. The infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure Amazon Web Services data centers.

White Labelled Product

White-labelled product

Your brand is at the centre of all activity. The same standard should be upheld at the ATS level. Our system is a white-labelled product, allowing you to take ownership of the software.

Always by your side

Always by your side

We will not leave your side once your ATS has been set up. We offer constant support to help with any queries you may have. Go ahead, ask us a question!

Full of integration

Full of integrations

We never tire of adding new features to Talexio. In an effort to offer additional functionality, we offer integration to applications or systems you need integrated into your ATS.

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies require a full ATS, that goes beyond the functionality that is offered to HR departments, mostly due to the nature of interactions. Seamless candidate and report forwarding is integrated within the system, and management of clients is inbuilt from day one.

Direct employer

HR departments require an ATS that provides an efficient experience to each team member, as well as candidates going through the application and interview process. Manage all of your recruitment functions and needs from one centralised place.

We bring to the market a proven enterprise-changing solution

We look forward to having you onboard!

See for yourself, how Talexio is changing recruitment. Find out now.

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