How Talexio works.

A step-by-step guide to Talexio’s recruitment features.


Report & Manage performance

View real-time reports anytime

Get insights and actionable data on the dashboards where you make decisions. While browsing a specific job, see at-a-glance recruiting metrics about that job, including candidate pipeline, spend and sourcing performance.

Talexio offers a number of live metrics, with live data reporting that needs no extracting to action and filter through.

Click-through live data to see more detailed analytics and reports.

Reporting variables can be tailored to your needs to get specific in-depth reports.

A variety of reports

Talexio offers a wide number of pre-set reports to chose from, ranging from source reports to team member performance. However, we have developed a system with the ability to extract reports on any performance metric you may need, and we will guide you through that process.

Where are our best candidates applying from? Extract source reports, and focus your efforts.

How are our recruiting efforts fairing? We offer a number of reports, tailored to your recruitment process, allowing you to report on your individual or team performance.

Other reports include time-to-hire, collaborative recruitment reports, as well as database reports - allowing you to extract information about your entire recruitment function.

Save time with extracted reports

Talexio’s recruiting reports can be exported to CSV, helping you to make clearer, data-driven decisions with your team. Create and share professional reports instantly with your team and management.

Get at-a-glance recruitment metric updates from your dashboard.

Use our smart filters for breaking down and exporting your hiring data in a customisable manner.

Use our robust API to export our data into your preferred third party software.



Additional features

Talexio offers a plethora of features, over and above the necessary features of most Applicant Tracking Systems. From security features and user permissions, to mobile responsiveness and customer support, Talexio is built with the ability to mould around the recruitment team’s needs.

We look forward to having you onboard!

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