How Talexio works.

A step-by-step guide to Talexio’s recruitment features.


Getting started with Talexio

Setting up software & users

Do away with the headache of setting up your ATS from scratch once you register. Talexio is built with a quick-start mindset. Once we do the setting up for you, your recruitment team simply logs on and starts recruiting.

User Profile Creation is a simple matter. All that is required is the email address of the user and your users are set up within the same day.

There are no delays with new users joining Talexio and the system can be used almost instantly.

Being a cloud based system, there is no need for installation of programs and you can log in from anywhere online.

Import all data to system

Data migration can be cumbersome. If you’ve been collecting data prior to using Talexio, our bulk data import will allow you to import all information to your new ATS with little to no effort.

We can migrate data from the current ATS being used and give you back your full database on Talexio.

Migration is a quick process. You’ll have access to Talexio within 48hrs after development has been done.

Our support team will guide you through the migration process and you can put your mind at rest that everything is being taken care of.

Branded jobs website

Make your brand the focus of your recruitment with custom job sites, vacancy pages or plug ‘n’ play widgets. Our customisable feed offers the optimal experience for your candidates through mobile-responsive design and an easy application process.

Customise your job feed visual, domain, application method and required application fields.

Post vacancies automatically to your website, with integrated ATS posting.

Post to various social networks including Facebook and Linkedin.



Getting Applicants

Fill your candidate pipeline with utmost efficiency. Talexio is set up to offer a guided procedure, mixed with a broad spectrum of tools that will allow you to source candidates from your current list of candidates, as well as external platforms.

We look forward to having you onboard!

See for yourself, how Talexio is changing recruitment. Find out now.

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