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G3 Pro Model

The G3 Pro model is an advanced multi-function biometric time and attendance device.  

It is a multi-purpose biometric Time Attendance terminal that caters for Face Recognition, Fingerprint, Card and the 3-in-1 contactless Palm recognition, which is accurate from up to one metre away.

Once the sensor detects a hand presented, the G3 Pro can perform multi bio-authentication, with a user’s palm vein, palm print and even the shape of the palm. Palm vein and palm print patterns are reliable human identifiers as the details are incredibly difficult to duplicate, thus, together with its robust algorithm, users may enjoy the terminal’s enhanced anti-spoofing ability. 

This multi-purpose biometric punch clock has been carefully selected for its cutting-edge technology, contactless functionality, accuracy and user-friendliness, which seamlessly integrates with our Talexio T&A module

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CPU  1.4GHz Quad Core CPU 
Memory 1GB RAM / 1GB Flash / SilkID Fingerprint Sensor
Capacity Fingerprints: 20,000   |  Faces: 12,000   |   Palm: 6,000   |  Cards: 20,000 
Records 100,000 transactions
Identification modes Palm Vein, Fingerprint, Card, Facial Recognition and multiple combinations
Screen 4.3 Inches TFT-LCD Touch Screen /  Hi-Fi Voice & Indicator / Tamper Switch Alarm
Standard Features ID Card / Work Code / WDMS / DST / SMS / Bell Schedule / Attendance Status Auto-Switch / Record Query / Photo ID / Custom Wallpaper & Screen Saver
Camera Dual IR Camera for facial recognition
Communication TCP/IP / USB Host / Wiegand Input 
Integrated Controller Door sensor, Alarm Output, External Bell and Lock Relay (TalexioHR only supports the T&A functionality)
Special Functions Multiple Biometric Verification Modes | Alive Face Detection | DuplicateFace | Palm Detection
Power Supply DC 12 V 3A  |  Draw < 500mA
Temperature Operation 0° C  ~  +45° C
Dimensions 199.2 mm (H) x 96.9 mm (W) x 171.8 mm (D)
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