How Talexio works.

A step-by-step guide to Talexio’s recruitment features.


Managing your candidates

Collaborative team hiring

A system designed to avoid duplicate work, and maximise team synergy. Assign tasks to recruiters, and allow the team members to keep track of work that needs to be done while allowing for collaborative recruitment efforts to maximise process efficiency. All your team communication, centralised.

Keep track of pipeline and stages by task and recruiter / team member.

Share notes and review candidates. Avoid back and forth emails and communication with your colleagues, and keep track of shared time-stamped feedback.

Take ownership of a project, but have your team contribute to the candidate search. Allow for external recruiters / stakeholders.

An automated system

Having the ability to automatically send out emails to multiple candidates will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Schedule interviews and make a decision to hire or reject the candidate.

Create templates for replies and emails, for when you review an application, or are ready to close off a vacancy and want to reply to all remaining candidates at one go.

Candidate auto-reply and acknowledgements. Automated email and SMS. Integrate with APIs.

Candidate communication focused

Engage with your candidates in the most effective and brand-friendly manner. Use Talexio to build and nurture meaningful relationships with candidates and prospects.

Send emails at any stage in the recruitment process, while centralising your communication.

A live activity feed helps to track communication regardless of who is working on the vacancy.

Ensure efficient and speedy communication with your candidates. Flexible pipelines allow for tailored journeys.



Report & Manage performance

Data analysis allows your recruitment process to go beyond making a placement. It’s important to manage your recruitment team by tracking performance in real time, and allow for reporting to Management on how HR is helping the bottom line.

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