How Talexio works.

A step-by-step guide to Talexio’s recruitment features.


Getting applicants on system

Create your job description

Create a job description that clearly reflects the position you are trying to fill. Choose from a number of optional fields to tailor your vacancy description. All your job descriptions have a dashboard wherein you will find job details, assigned recruiters and candidate details.

Talexio offers a database of pre-set drop-down filters for your convenience.

Manage tasks, notes, job descriptions, recruiters, pipeline and other information from one central dash.

Create job application forms that gather all the necessary candidate information.

Advertise your vacancy

Post your vacancy on your jobs website, vacancy page, or widget to start sourcing candidates. Openings hosted on your site can be advertised and shared in a variety of other ways, including external job boards, as well as social media.

Vacancies will be shared on your dedicated landing page.

Social recruiting - allowing for free and effective quality hiring.

Talexio offers the setting up of employee referral programmes, and their management.

Search your database

Talexio provides you with a comprehensive candidate database management system, both at a search-level, as well as at the individual candidate profile level.

Search with simple keyword searches, or use our advanced candidate search using advanced keywords and pre-set filters through profiles, resumes, and interview notes.

The candidate database is a fully secure and searchable database with downloadable profiles.

All candidates details on the database will belong to you and will remain so, even if you decide to stop using Talexio.



Managing Candidates

You’ve got a database of applicants, each with a profile and actions that need to be taken. We offer a pipeline management system that will move each potential employee through a seamless automated process, customised to your recruitment process.

We look forward to having you onboard!

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